Double Pleasure

C85: The temptation in the mirror

Fang Yu hugged Lin Moyan and turned around, bowing his head and kissing the top of the other’s head. He whispered into Lin Moyan’s ear, “Baby, look ahead.”

Lin Moyan, who was busy clinging to Fang Yu, was involuntarily drawn to Fang Yu’s words. He raised his head then saw the two people in the mirror. The image in the mirror was extremely attractive. Looking at himself in the mirror, sweat was dripping down his face and his eyes were teary with drops of tears hanging from the corner. His thin lips were bitten red and swollen until it looked like it was bleeding. Crystalline saliva was flowing from the corners of his eyes and dripping down onto his chin.

Seeing his alluring appearance in the mirror, Lin Moyan was ashamed but his lower body was further stimulated. On the chest full of teeth marks, the two petite nipples had lost their original appearance, becoming bright and plump like fresh cherries, tempting one to take a bite. His entire body was stained pink with lust.

Although his upper body was covered with marks and saliva, his lower body was even more shameful and lecherous. After being shaved, his lower body was completely bare, exposing his genitals. His cock was standing upright proudly and two small pouches were hanging on both sides of the meat stick. They did not cover the red and swollen holes at all. At this time, his holes were still lasciviously flowing with obscene liquid, flowing down the crease of his butt. Heat flared up in his flower hole and it started feeling empty inside but Lin Moyan could only endure it because the flower hole had already been fucked until it was almost broken.

When he moved his gaze down, his eyes were glued to the leaking back hole. The small hole was slightly red and swollen by the size of the meat stick. It was squirming uneasily, opening and closing like a small hungry mouth. Fang Yu’s huge meat rod was placed against that small hole. The hole opened its mouth slightly and Fang Yu slowly entered the cave.

Lin Moyan personally watched his lustful hole swallowing Fang Yu’s thick organ. Fang Yu’s movements were so slow that Lin Moyan couldn’t help but suspect that it was not Fang Yu who was poking in, but his little hole that was hungrily sucking in the meat stick. The meat stick was then completely eaten, and Fang Yu’s meat stick was bare and naked, without a single hair covering it, making Lin Moyan think of the European and American AV Fang Yu had mentioned. At this moment, he really felt as if he was in an erotic film, making his whole body heat up with excitement.

“It really seems like an erotic film…” Lin Moyan couldn’t help but mutter in a daze.

Fang Yu looked at Lin Moyan who was flushed in the mirror, lowered his head and whispered in his ear, “It will look more like it in a while!” Before Lin Moyan could react, Fang Yu quickly pulled out the meat stick and fiercely rammed it into the hole again.

“Ah! It’s so long…” This time, the whole meat stick went in completely poked Lin Moyan’s sensitive spot, filling up the void in his hole. Lin Moyan moaned continuously while Fang Yu swung his hips desperately, trying to dry the insatiable cave.

Lin Moyan’s body bounced up and down along with Fang Yu’s powerful thrusts. Looking at the open mouth drooling from the intense pleasure, Lin Moyan’s back acupoints became itchier. Fang Yu seemed to sense his needs, constantly thrusting until part of the inner crimson flesh was brought out.

“Ah…Mmmh…husband is so big, so deep…” Lin Moyan screamed shamelessly, venting his body’s desires to his fullest. His internal organs were all pounded into by Fang Yu. With every stab, the extreme pleasure was enough to almost make him unconscious.

The kinky acupuncture point kept tightening around the meat rod while Fang Yu was grinding his hips like a beast. Every time he hit the sensitive point, a burst of spasms would burst from the depths of the hole, turning his eyes red. As for Lin Moyan, he felt as if lightning was constantly striking his lower body. Twitching, his back acupuncture squeezed the meat stick inside and a large amount of intestinal juice suddenly poured out from the deepest part.

Fang Yu felt Lin Moyan tightening around him and could no longer bear to resist. After a dozen thrusts or so, he shot his thick semen into the hole, filling it up. Lin Moyan couldn’t help but groan from the sudden burst of heat inside his acupuncture point.

The climax of the back acupuncture point drove the flower hole to convulse and go through a small orgasm, and the lewd water dripped down the flower cave. Then an astonishing sight happened. Lin Moyan’s genitals in front of him shook a few times. He didn’t feel anything at all but suddenly saw yellow liquid spraying out of it. He desperately wanted to hold it in but it didn’t work at all. In the end, he could only watch the urine spray farther and farther, until it finally splashed onto the mirror. Part of the urine spilt onto the sink but luckily, there was nothing placed on the sink.

Lin Moyan watched this scene in disbelief, and finally closed his eyes, muttering to himself in a low voice, “It’s… peeing again… this is fake…I’m dreaming…”

Fang Yu looked at Lin Moyan who had closed his eyes in an attempt to escape from reality. He couldn’t help but kiss his hot cheeks and whisper in his ear, “Mhm, It’s fake, just close your eyes…”

Lin Moyan muttered vaguely and fatigue swept over his body. He finally collapsed on Fang Yu’s body in a daze.

After Lin Moyan finished urinating, Fang Yu removed his genitals out of the other’s back acupoint and entered the bathtub with Lin Moyan in his arms. He waited for the drained bathtub to fill up slowly. In the water, Fang Yu first cleaned up the semen in Lin Moyan’s acupuncture point, washed both of them and finally returned to the bedroom with his naked body holding the person.

Lin Moyan allowed Fang Yu to toss him around, he was already half-asleep anyways. After putting the person on the bed, Fang Yu was busy again. He dried Lin Moyan’s whole body and applied ointment to the swollen holes. When he looked up again, Lin Moyan had fallen into a deep sleep from exhaustion. Fang Yu shook his head helplessly.

He turned off the fluorescent lamp, leaving only the dim wall lamp, then climbed onto the bed and lay down beside Lin Moyan, pecking the other’s lips. Perhaps his ravaged lips stung, Lin Moyan frowned, stretching out his tongue and licking the broken lips.

After licking it several times, his brows eased again. Instinctively, he felt that someone was coming to his side and this someone was the person he loved. His body arched towards Fang Yu, his head attached to the other person’s chest. Fang Yu enjoyed Lin Moyan’s subconscious intimacy. With a warm and tender feeling in his heart, he couldn’t help kissing the other’s forehead before tightening his arms and hugging his lover.

*Important notice* Unfortunately, my microsoft word is experiencing some problems and I am currently unable to use it, nor access/edit my chapters which means I cannot post any chapters as of now. I was planning to upload another short story but encountered this, I’ll need to get a technician’s help so for now, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to update sjfnjsfns I am soo sorry, please be patient with me T-T

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